Karina Lyn photography started around 2015 in Olympia Washington but has been photographing everything since she was about 12 years old. They took photos because they wanted to keep track of history as they moved and travelled a lot. When they reached high school they were able to learn photography and graphic design skills as well as retouch on their photography skills in college. Photos are triggers to stories. They tell so much more than a thousand words and Karina is there to tell them the the story behind each and every image. Every image has a story like what led up to it and what it might have taken to make it happen like an unlikely background or prop. With every session we get to know each client and build the session around their personality and style. We love what we do because we know what it feels like to feel uncomfortable in some ones picture they took of you and want to show everyone that they are truly beautiful and sometimes you gotta find someone who can find your perfect angle. The best thing about this path we've chose is the chance to travel and meet people. Every person we meet inspires us in completely different ways.. Every hike we take we imagine a whole scene we want to someday capture and take home with us so we never forget. We try in our best efforts to capture the true colors of our beautiful sometimes muddy but mostly green pnw surroundings. We're not going to be your typical photographer who bends to trends so if you're looking for a weird and vibrant person who tests the limits of creativity to photograph you then Karina may just be your gal. Karina. If you take her travelling or have furry or scaily friends then you might have earned yourself a little discount.