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Green Forest

The Tonins

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Cole and Branden make up the band The Tonins who are local to Tacoma Washington. Cole Contacted me for a photoshoot and to be quite frank, they were some of the most fun people I have met! After Cole booked me my friend and I basically binged their music to get their vibe before we shot. We met at Wright Park, shot their for barely 10 minutes and knew we need a bright city, urban vibe so we piled in their white van and made our way to Stadium High School. This place wasn't far from where I lived but this high school was like Hogwarts in the way it looked. These two had something in mind I wouldn't have even thought about. "Satanic Mormons" was their ending look. Our Singer Branden added some suspenders and a red tie to top off his look. The dedication of these guys is awesome and I am bummed to have missed their last show at the Spanish Ballroom at The Elks Temple in Tacoma. Book them so I can finally come to one of their shows.


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