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Boudoir is a confidence booster!

I view Boudoir as appreciation to the body in an elegant, respectful way rather than a pornographic way. I have modeled for a couple boudoir sessions myself and can tell you it sent me home feeling more confident than I had walking in. I trusted my photographer and for a good reason. Weather it be as a gift for your significant other or just for yourself, I say go for it.

Now that we talked about the confidence part, I want to address your concern about this being pornographic or that people may look at you differently. Remember fetishes are created by selectively hiding and revealing — making that which is hidden enticing. In our society we are taught to sexualize the female nipple but if you go to other countries you will see that we are the same, we are all beautiful and should never be made to feel bad for showing confidence in our bodies.

Love yourself and the body that you got you beautiful being!


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