When are payments due?

Your first payment of 50% down is due at booking. Its required to book your session. Your final payment is due by your session. I am open to payment plans but final payments are still due by the session.

Are you willing to travel?

I love to travel! I love road trips but my car can only go so far. I only really request gas money which is quite low due to my car. I havent had the opportunity to travel outta state for a session but I am completely open as long as travel and lodge is paid.

How and when will I get my photos?

You will receive your images through an online gallery that you will be able to view and download your from. As for when you will receive them, with regular sessions it will be 2-3 weeks. Wedding photos take up to 6 weeks to edit and deliver. 

How much retouching /editing do you do?

I do get rid of blemishes, frizzy hair and clothing lines. With wrinkles I try to softly touch them up so you dont look plastic. I bring back the colors of the surrounding and get rid of any unexpected people or vehicles in the background. 

Can you shoot in rain or bad weather?

I love shooting in the elements no matter how wet, cold or muddy we get. Checkout my most recent wedding and you'll see!

What equipment do you use?

I work with a Canon EOS 6d. The lenses I use are a 16-35mm F2.8, 50mm F1.4, and a 70-200m F4. I do have lighting equipment I use just not as often as I like to use natural outdoor lighting. 

Do I have to print through you?

You absolutely dont need to print through us but it is the only way to guarantee pristine prints. Most stores that print photos dont have printers calibrated to print the correct colors,  shadows and highlights. 

Do you instruct for posing? I’m kind of awkward/unphotogenic

Not only am I also awkward but am totally into helping you pose. You may even catch me posing while taking your photo in all honesty. 

“I’m not sure I want an engagement/family/ etc session”

You may not feel like you want to get in front of the camera and I totally get that but time is going to pass no time matter what so get those memories to keep for your family to  cherish.  

Do you deliver RAW or unedited photos?

I don't as most photographers dont but the understanding is that you hired me for my finished work. Its almost like posting an artists first try or a poets rough draft

Will there be a second shooter at our wedding?

I dont typically work with a second shooter but am open to hiring a second.


Can I post my photos online?

Please do! I only ask that you don't put filters over the images as well as tag me because business comes mostly from "word of mouth".

More Questions? Just Email Us.